Softrucks: Skate to Live


Softrucks are so simple yet so clever that I kick myself for not thinking of them myself. Molded from TPU urethane (the same material used to make wheels), Softrucks are similar to the shape of a skateboard’s trucks and wheels and set at the same height. They mount to any skateboard deck using the provided hardware.


A deck with Softrucks feels identical to a regular deck only you ain’t going anywhere. Well, check that… maybe UP if you have the skills. They offer some good pop and don’t roll so practicing ollies, flips, shuvits, etc is easier and usually safer than on a ‘live’ deck. Once you can do a trick with Softrucks you’re virtually assured you can stomp it on wheels.

So here I am in my slippers, trying a heel flip and thinking the yacht, mansion, parties with Puffy and hanging out in the grotto with Heff’s girls will have to wait with the hopes I think of something so brilliant the next time…

Softrucks will run you about USD $25.00. Go out and get yourself some.

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