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Dog Powered Scooter

The Dog Powered Scooter just might be an alternate mode of transportation for those lucky enough to have a job where the pooch can come to work. Imagine the faces on those suckers stopped in traffic, while you slip past on your Dog Powered Scooter sipping an organic soy latte – pure Milk Bone-generated power.

Dog Powered ScooterReported to be a combination of adrenalin, pleasure and exercise, the Dog Powered Scooter only needs a few kicks to get going, a pocket full of treats and one tongue-flapping dog. A reviewer measured his dog pulling 175 pounds at just 4-7 pounds of resistance. The dog I see dragging some lady around my block (sans-scooter) is easily pulling 25 times that and at a pretty good clip!

I admit, I’m intrigued. Problem is I don’t have a dog and while my 3-year-old daughter Elli would most likely be up for it, I’m making nice with the Bernese Mountain Dog across the street. For those of you with dogs, keep close tabs on them as gas prices increase or better yet, get the Globalpetfinder.

But what’s up with the lame product name? To be fair the Scootch was not an option and the Pooter is an even worse and might I say significantly off-color portmanteau. But certainly there is something more creative than ‘Dog Powered Scooter.’ I leave it to Bitness readers to come up with a new name in the comments. I see the Web stats people, I know you’re ‘here’ but let me ‘hear’ you. Best suggestion wins a Milk Bone.


  1. K9Kart, dog Jocky, k9 chariot, canine cycle, MBF cycle (mans best friend)

  2. Why do you have to be Mr. Pink? Why can’t you pick your color?

    I like all those names and am thinking may you’re MBF 😉

    How about the Growler?

  3. Bitness,
    You may have my dog.

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