General Fitness

General Fitness

Heart Rate Training

Okay, let’s just see a quick show of hands… How many of you already own a heart rate monitor of some description? Okay, quite a few of you. Alright, keep your hands up if you know how to [...]

Recovery & Reflections

It’s coming up to the 4-week mark after my first iron-distance triathlon and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the recovery phase after a big race. 4 weeks feels like about the right [...]

Sounds I Like

Swimming The sound of zipping up your wetsuit early in the morning. The small ripples you make in the water when you get in. The splashes other people make when they get in. They squeal and make [...]

Meditations on 5:30am

As a triathlete, you kind of have to get used to early mornings. Most races will start pretty early, and you’ll probably find you have to get up at ridiculously early times to get to the [...]