Tankless Dive Systems

Hookah dive systems have been around for a very long time. Typically these systems were powered by gasoline engines on deck with a compressor attached and airlines fastened to regulators. More [...]

Owning a Piece of History?

In the mid 19070’s I got my first skateboard and it came with Vans wheels. I thought nothing of it until I recently found out from a Vans rep that Vans didn’t make wheels; At least not [...]

Time to get fat

Typically I’m an early adopter, but for fat tire bikes I admit to playing catch-up. I’ve been mountain biking now for over 30 years and don’t even like a front suspension forks, let [...]

Nixon Mission watch

Built for Surf. Built for Snow. The Nixon Mission watch was designed to prepare you to charge the elements with live mountain (via Snocountry) and surf reports (via Surfline) and withstand the [...]

Outside’s 2016 Ski Report

Outside magazine has released their 2016 North American Ski report and despite the so far dismal conditions in the east, the west (where I currently sit here writing this post from Snowbird in Utah), [...]