Trace – activity monitor for action sports

GPS enabled device allows you to not only capture your snowboarding runs (vertical, calories, airtime, speed, etc) or wave's surfed (waves, speed, cutbacks with turn radius, etc), but easily (almost automatically) overlay that information over your GoPro footage... [...]

Is Marcus Kleveland the best of his generation?

Photo: - Sixteen-year-old Norwegian snowboard phenomenon is progressing snowboarding with big air and ground tricks and begins to spread his wings in other disciplines such as backcountry powder. A peek at the future of snowboarding with jaw-dropping video to get you amped for winter... [...]

Mike Basich Gets It

Pro snowboarder Mike Basich has built himself an off-grid tiny home (228 sq ft) about 10 miles outside of Truckee, California (USA). Basich lives here when he’s not snowboarding or [...]

Surf Sauna

A few friends and I like to surf a fairly remote spot with about a mile hike-in. About 3/4 of the way on my hike I noticed the leg of my wetsuit felt thin – shit, wrong suit. With head-high [...]

Radinn Electric Wakeboard

From the looks of the video this electric wakeboard looks heavier than the carbon fiber construction might lead you to believe. The point of wake boarding is to have a wake to jump [...]

Vintage skateboards

I’ve been skateboarding for a long, long time; More than 35 years (and yes, still counting). I’ve been through loads of decks, countless sets of wheels and grinded through my share of [...]