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quinny longboard stroller

For the Euro moms and dads out there, there’s a new way to get around town with the little ones and still keep the street-cred you earned when you kick-flipped your first 10 step pre kids. The Quinny longboardstroller available in a limited edition of 1000 and is priced at €599 ($659.00 for us Yanks at the time of writing) and is shipped to European Union countries only.

The makers of the longboardtroller was seeking to “enlarge the action radius for parents living in the city with young children” and since the market had plenty of cycling-related products, they looked to other ways to make urban parenting and transportation both fun and convenient.

Quinny was keen to keep safety paramount and the longboardstroller is equipped with a handbrake, a protective bumper bar, harness system for the child and a leash with an urgent break system. Quinny states it is also mandatory for both the user and the child to wear protective equipment.

Source: Quinny.com

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