QuiverGrip… Simple, Safe, Secure Surf board Storage


With a name that sounds like the last throws of a solo session, QuiverGrip touts itself as a “new take on surfboard storage that installs in seconds, lasts a lifetime, and will never fail.”

quivergripI’ve installed some vertical storage solutions in my garage that required a modicum of handyman skills. The QuiverGrip only requires that you know how to select a safe place and insert two screws – easy. They also have a Q-Rail system – a strip that allows you to slide in multiple QuiverGrip’s with fewer screws and slide them around to accommodate the space you’ll need based on the size of your fins.

The QuiverGrip was designed to handle long Boards, Short Boards, Fun Boards and though it’s not mentioned on their website or Kickstarter, I’m assuming it has the ability to support SUPs.

Posted by: Lawrence

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