Carl Lewis Vibro Exerciser

Vibration Trainer

Nine-time Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis was a fast runner and a bad singer. Now Carl Lewis is a fast talking salesman and a bad singer. To be fair, he does represent a line of proven exercise equipment, but this latest offering has me ‘shaking’ my head.

Vibration TrainerThe Carl Lewis Vibro Exerciser shakes you around while doing simple exercises. All this shaking taps into your “subconscious muscle responses” and allegedly forces muscles to react 70% more than exercises of the non-shaking variety.

I’ve heard about vibrations causing subconscious muscle responses, sometimes that happens to me on bumpy car rides or even mowing the lawn. If you don’t have a car or a lawn to mow you can sit on the Vibro Exerciser and shake-it-out for about $280.

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