Giddyup All You Geriatric Cowpokes!

Core Muscle Trainer

I’d be interested to know what percentage of home fitness equipment goes unused. Treadmills, stair machines, rowers, weight and resistance equipment, etc. Sometimes the best workout home fitness equipment offers is from moving it in and setting up, followed by a second rep of breaking it down and moving it out.Core Muscle Trainer

Enter the Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer. A sort of super-slow-mo mechanical horse/bull that “simulates the gentle back-and-forth motion experienced while riding a horse at a lazy gait.”

There’s not even a decent place to hang your clothes on this equipment! For $2000USD couldn’t you buy your own lazy horse? I get it, it’s for folks not looking to elevate their heart rate or a burning workout. I picture the late Jack Palance, who once did one-armed push-ups on the Academy Awards stage, scowling at the City Slicker who would actually buy this.

Bitness is not in the business of bashing gadgets, but they at least have to kind of sort of make sense right? Giddyup.

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