Jump Pogo… Bounce Pogo – Down Pogo, Up Pogo


Now I’m not one to boast (lie), but back ‘in the day’ (which Dane Cook will tell you was a Wednesday by the way) me and my bros would rock the pogo stick like all get out. Kick-outs, tabletops, one footers, 360’s, no hander (puh-lease) and back flips (lie).

We still have our beaten, broken pogo stick in my parent’s garage (true). When I stand on it IFlybar instantly bottom-out. A recent test drive at my local Walmart yielded identical results (sadly true). Oh my, if only there were a pogo stick to support my 170 pound frame (cut to hazy dream sequence).

Enter the Flybar 1200, which sends jumpers weighing up to 250 pounds to elevations of 5 feet! With a suggested retail price of $379.99, that’s just $76 per foot, a mere $6.33 per inch!

The Flybar 1200’s outer shell houses 12 Thrusters, which are rubber rods anchored in place from the top and bottom of this ‘pogo’ stick. As a rule of thumb Flybar recommends 1 Thruster for every 20 pounds of weight. Engage too many Thrusters and the resistance will be too great and you’ll be grounded. Engage too few and you’ll bottom-out. Get it just right an hold on Goldy Locks…

If you’re bored with simply running, biking and other ho-hum exercises and seek a little more excitement with your aerobic workout, consider the Flybar. If $379 seems a little steep but you need your ups, visit PogoStickUSA.com for alternatives. They offer a selection of traditional and other modern pogo sticks at varying prices.

Thank you to System of a Down for inspiring the title of this post with their song ‘Bounce’


  1. When did you become such a big fitness expert? I am glad that one of us at least has time to research (true) and test drive (lie) new “equipment.” Pogo sticking is great unless you catch it between your legs! Why don’t you try staying on the ground a bit more. You know, stay grounded?

    If you ever want some guest bloggers with advanced certifications in true fitness arenas, give me a call! (By far my favorite get-fit activity to date is cardio tap dancing (truth).

  2. Oddly enough, tap dancing wasn’t on the radar when I created the categories. About as likely as dwarf tossing, but I’d gladly add the category if you’re serious about guest blogging!

    I was grounded enough as a kid, time to fly!

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