Ghetto Gorp – You Heard it Here First Punk!


Climbers burn a lot of fuel. At my weight an hour climbing can burn as much as 900 calories (estimate the number of calories you burn in a given sport here).

In a mad rush to pack my gear and grab some fuel for a trip to Rumney, I devised a tasty little sumthin’ I call Ghetto Gorp(tm). From the first taste I knew I struck on something special. It gave me an energy burst, tasted good and was a reward all wrapped in one fantastically sweet treat!

Traditional gorp consists of seeds, nuts, dried fruit, granola, etc and is a longtime favorite of hippies, hikers and yes, climbers. Ghetto Gorp is not only for the unabashed modern-day cragger, but anyone unafraid of a little colorful and sugar-fueled goodness.

Derived from a variety of cereals, cookies and candy Ghetto Gorp provides a quick and tasty lift while piling on loads of empty calories! Ghetto Gorp recipe:

1 part Captain Crunch (I think the hint of peanut butter works well here but I’ve also used Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes and others, which I like to think of as Ghetto Gorp Fusion)
1 part crumbled cookies (Oreos work best)
1/2 part M&Ms
1/2 part dried pineapple
1/2 part Honey roasted peanuts

Optional: Pixie Stix

Put it all in a big old bag and shake – Word up to Ghetto Life.


  1. What, are you bleeping kidding me? Ghetto Gorp has Ghotta Go! All that sugar, yellow number 5, and hygrogenated garbage will send you crashing faster than slipping off a foot hole on a rock climbing wall! And you’re classifying this under “Diet?” How about “Die It!”

  2. Or how about ‘dye it?’ 🙂

    Yellow number 5 – isn’t that why I stopped drinking Mountain Dew?! Or did I stop for other reasons?

    Thanks for reading!

  3. That calculator is bogus! I looked up surfing and the was told it uses fewer calories than riding around in a golf cart. Now that’s just a slap in the face.

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