Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

recycle your gadgets

My neighbors asked me to take their trash to the curb while they’re away on vacation. This family generates more trash in a week than we can in months. I opened their garage door and it was like a portal to Mexico City. A small Mexican boy came out from under the BMW and tried to sell me Chicklets and shine my ‘zapatas.’


It’s time for Bitness to step on to the soap box and make a public service address: RECYCLE. For starters consider used equipment and what to do with those funky Nikes colonizing in the back of your closet…

Gym Equipment: Here in SE New England we have Big Fitness. I’ve went to the one in Pawtucket, RI and they have a TON of used commercial equipment like treadmills, stair climbers, ellipticals, bikes, weight equipment, etc, etc. Often times what you purchase can be financed, offers a warranty and includes delivery. Check your local listings to find a similar business in your area.

Running Shoes: Runners can get attached to their shoes after logging so many miles together. Maybe you set a PR in your lucky Adidas, or if you’re like me, perhaps you’ve pledged your life to your shoes if only they can get you home from the bowels of some unknown wilderness area. A site called Run The Planet has a decent collection of links for recycling your shoes. Put your old running shoes on the feet of needy children in some of the world’s poorest places, or have them recycled to athletic surfaces (running tracks).

There are other ways fitness geeks can help save the planet, including sock puppets, rechargeable batteries and filtered water bottles for starters.

Do your part, support recycling.


  1. What, no link for sock puppets?! I’ve got a drawerful of quitters with great dramatic potential.

  2. I am you neighbor and I don’t have a Mexican boy I have a hot Columbian chick….and she wasn’t selling gum. Seriously I AM your neighbor I rolled a trash cart and brought at least five bags of trash up this week alone. Want some of my wifes shoes she has tons in the back of the closet? Thanks for making me rethink shes not buying another pair until some of these wear out! 🙂

  3. you can help by using a filter instead of buying bottled water

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