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There are about 650 named muscles in the human body (personally, I have 651 when you include Vitamin-L, a/k/a the Vanilla Love Log, but I digress).

In addition to named muscles, there are at least twice that amount in unnamed muscles. All muscles fall into three categories; skeletal, smooth and cardiac. Some muscles we can control (skeletal for instance) and others work involuntarily (e.g. smooth muscles like in the lining of the intestines and cardiac to make your heart beat).Powerbreathe

When it comes to muscles resistance is not futile, it’s how we develop strength and endurance. Resistance training can be applied to the diaphragm, the dome shaped muscle under the rib cage that works in conjunction with our lungs so we can breathe.

While working at the DEMA (Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association) Show in Las Vegas last year, I tried a product that promised to develop my breathing. It looked like a runt snorkle and when I wore it felt at times like I was breathing through a cocktail straw.

The POWERbreathe is very similar to what I used at DEMA. When used for a few minutes twice daily, the Powerbreathe forces your inspiratory muscles to work harder, increasing both breathing strength and endurance.

Available in three models, the Powerbreathe works your diaphragm and lungs at adjustable levels. The ‘Wellness’ model is ideal for asthmatics, the elderly or anyone with a respiratory condition. The ‘Fitness’ model is for most of us, recreational runners, cyclists, gym rats, etc. The ‘Sports Performance’ model is for the more serious athlete-in-training and offers the most resistance and therefore greatest benefit.

If you’re looking for strong breath have some garlic, eat a hot dog with everything, smoke a stoggie and don’t bother brushing those stumps in your mouth. If you’re looking to breathe stronger, give Powerbreathe a go.

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