Rover has Left the Building


When I had my dog Magic not so long ago, we used to enjoy running together. Usually we would through the woods for miles, Magic with a big grin plastered on his face. The problem was, if there was something cooler than running – say a lake to jump in, or something dead to roll around on, I had to stop, call and wait or risk running ahead and losing him.

One Summer in Southold Long Island, while at my friend Pete’s beach house, Magic and I were separated on such a run in a potato field. He found something interesting to inspect – maybe deer droppings – but I kept going. It was a fairly remote area, no cars and a simple loop back to the house. I figured he’d catch up, but after 15 minutes of waiting I got nervous. After a 30 minutes panic set-in and an all out search ensued.

“Have you seen a yellow lab around here?” I asked a neighbor.

“Oh yes, hell of a swimmer!” came the reply. “He swam across this pond to see the little brown cocker spaniel on the other side!”

Once on the other side I asked the owners of the cocker spaniel, now splayed-out on their lawn by the pond’s edge. “Friendly pup, we gave him a burger. I hope you don’t mind?” I didn’t. “He went down the trail over there, seemed to know where he needed to go.”

“Magic! Maaaaagggggiiiiiicccccc…” I repeated it countless times over the next half hour. When I yelled his name the sick feeling in my stomach seemed to subside. “Maaaaaagic, come on good boy!”

Nothing. I was devastated and after countless inquiries and potato fields I eventually found myself back at Pete’s house. There was where my friend Mike, stroking Magic’s back, laughing and mocking my calls “Maaaaaagic.”

Oh, if only the Globalpetfinder were available then! The Globalpetfinder allows you to track your pet’s whereabouts using GPS and 2-way wireless technology. Create a virtual ‘fence’ – a designated area where the pet can roam and if pet leaves this area an alarm is sent to a cell phone, PDA or other connected device.Globalpetfinder

When the pet owner dials FOUND in their cell phone, the pet’s whereabouts are returned in a text message; “Magic is at 1 Cedar Drive dumbass.” OK, I added the ‘dumbass’ part, but this simple, non-evasive (no surgery or implants) and easy-to-use product is a bargain at under $300.

If Magic were to wear one today my cell phone would say “Magic is in heaven.” Awwwwwwww…


  1. What a great device! Although If you had this when you had magic you wouldn’t have entertained your friends with your panicked screaming.

  2. Sounds totally worth it. I don’t think Reggie would have needed one, though. I could be wrong but that little feller seemed like a homebody if there ever was one.

  3. Great gadget! But I don’t think Magic would have needed any device to find his way home to a family who loved him as much as we did.

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