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Time to get fat

Typically I’m an early adopter, but for fat tire bikes I admit to playing catch-up. I’ve been mountain biking now for over 30 years and don’t even like a front suspension forks, let [...]

New Stokelab: Issue N°5

When you or one of your friends drops in a halfpipe, wave, downhill single-track or chute you pull for them to make something special happen. It’s called spreading the stoke and for a little [...]


I was lucky enough to enjoy 3 early powder days last week in Snowbird, Utah. The conditions were not only amazing for early December, they were amazing for any day of any month. But more than fresh [...]

Heart Rate Training

Okay, let’s just see a quick show of hands… How many of you already own a heart rate monitor of some description? Okay, quite a few of you. Alright, keep your hands up if you know how to [...]