Nike + Apple = Nipple. The Amp+…

Nike Amp+

The combination of two uber-brands, Nike and Apple (what I heretofore will call Nipple because dammit I think its funny), has resulted in what many consider a revolution in running gadgetry. Nike + and the Nano users logged 1 million miles – in the first 10 weeks from launch. That’s the equivalent of running out your front door, circling the globe and coming back in through the back door… 40 times! Nike Amp+

Not to beat a dead horse (not a bad workout either by the way) but there’s more news to share, the Nike Amp+. The wrist remote Amp+’s large LED display provides ready access to run data and acts as a remote control to the iPod so your not fumbling for the click wheel with your sweaty little fingers.

No absolute word on a release date or price but expect it soon and between $50-100 if the insiders are correct.

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