Russian Intelligence: “More Smarter Comrades!”

Hammer Sickle

Hammer SickleDear Sergey, Eugene, Dmitry, Aleksandr; with a bunch of 15 letter last names I can’t pronounce (and I’m 50% Russian myself)!

Thank you for your hard work restoring Bitness. You faithfully ran FSCK over and over and again with the brute force of ignorance, even though disk integrity had nothing to do with the problem.

You decided – during the brief glimpse that the server was actually up for 5 minutes – to take it back down again, during working hours, to install more RAM. Because everyone knows throwing more RAM at a downed server is like throwing a life saver to a drowning shipmate.

Instead of having a logical failover plan in place you created more work for yourselves and more aggravation for both you and your clients, incurring more in labor costs, credits and lost business than what it would take to mirror the server multiple times.

When I asked why you don’t have failover and backup systems in place you said, “I don’t pay enough to have that kind of service.” Kudos comrades, for adding insult to injury.

Thank you, comrades, for night after aggravating night of not being able to share with all the people I know and unfortunately emailed the night before promoting the site.

Spasiba and dah sveedahnyah.

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