Top 10 gadgets to hit the beach with

LiquidImage Diving Mask

The sun has finally started to shine on the Northeast and people are once again flocking to the beach. Here’s a top 10 list of gadgets worth checking out for planning and making your next trip to the beach.
liquid image

1. Long or short board? Learn the conditions before you leave home…
Quicksilver Moondak watch and TideGraph iPhone application (source: Bitness)

2. SPF 30 or 50?
UV Monkey (source: Coolest Gadgets)

3. Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses
(source: Geeky Gadgets)

4. Avoid the rising cost of gas and beach parking…
Dog powered scooter (source: Bitness)

5. You found your spot on the beach, but aren’t looking for any neighbors…
Ecoblaster rechargable air horn (source:

6. Keep your MP3 player and cell phone running all day…
Powertraveller portable and solar chargers (Providence Gadget Examiner)

7. Give the boys (or the girls) a little sunshine too!
Solar tan-thru suits (source: Solar Tan Thru Suits)

Just because you decided to get wet doesn’t mean you have to leave the gadgets hidden under your baseball cap on the towels (good hiding spot)…
8. Waterproof MP3 player and headphones (source: H20 Audio)

9. Liquid Image UDCM310 diving mask (source: SlashGear)

10. Before you pack-it-in take one last stroll around the beach and let some kook from Jersey pay for your chowder and stuffies…
Metal detecting sandals (source: Providence Gadget Examiner)

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