Top 3 Tech Ads for Super Bowl 44?

The commercial: Great montage of iconic moments captured on TV over the decades.

The product: FloTV, “a dedicated broadcast network of high quality video that emulates broadcast television.” FlowTV sells a 3.5″ touchscreen screen device with 5 hours of watch time and 4GB memory for $199.00 (for a limited time price includes 6 months of service) and $14.99/month thereafter.

iPhone and iTouch users can forgo the extra hardware and soon be able to add a Mophie Juice Pack (an external battery pack) with an embedded FloTV broadcast chip (reported to be available in the first half in 2010). Before purchasing FlowTV, check for coverage in your area.

The commercial: Futuristic warehouse where robots collect everything from Beyonce, the gopher from Caddy Shack to YouTube wonder-kid ‘David after Dentist’ and drop them into Vizio’s TRULED chip.

The product: Dubbed “The best of the internet now on your HDTV” this is an HDTV with built-in wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking. Select Vizio models with this functionality will also includes a Bluetooth universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard. Offering what is called the Vizio Internet Apps Platform, users can quickly connect to Flickr, Netflix, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo and more.

The commercial: Google’s “Parisian Love” ad not only demonstrates what their product is capable of… it demonstrates what it’s capable of! How to convince a French woman you’re a worldly, well read renaissance man by Googling everything you ought to know to get laid. OK, actually this is a heartwarming ad and even though it’s not new, Google was wise to run with it because it’s damn good.

The product: Google search (maybe you’ve heard of it?)

Other technical products advertised during the Superbowl were Intel (yawn), EA (cool), Monster (funny!), GoDaddy (embarrassing) and E*trade (really, the baby… again?).

What were your favorite ads (techie or otherwise)? Leave them in the Comments below…

Posted by: Lawrence

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