Don’t Sweat the Petty, Pet the Sweaty

Smith Prodigy Turbo Fan

I’m a sweater. Not a mohair, but a dyed in the wool, honest to goodness sweater – like former NYC Mayor David Dinkins. I can sweat bullets in zero degree temps. When I snowboard, I instantly fog-up my goggles rendering them useless. Nothing sucks more than plunking down 70 bucks to go snowboarding, only to find yourself in some sort of sensory deprivation-like hell on the very first run.

Anti-fog lens, double lens, liquids or good old fashion spit are no match. The theory of keeping the goggles on your face and never taking them off – no matter what – total crap. This weekend I prepared myself with ‘anti-fog’ goggles and 2 pairs of glasses. Three runs later all three were useless.

The biggest reason for this problem is my helmet. It’s an older Boeri and has nary a vent. All the steam from my melon comes rushing down and condenses on my specs. To resolve this I need to call in the big guns: gear. After all that’s why were all here right?
Smith Prodigy Turbo Fan
Lo and behold, I get the Steep and Cheap email (see previous entry: Killer Gear Deals (usually…)) this morning and click on it: Smith Prodigy Turbo Fan Series Goggles for $50.83. Regularly they’re $179.95, that’s a 71% savings!

Next, I’m on the hunt for a helmet with vents, preferably controllable vents I can open and close to regulate airflow. Chances are I’ll keep the top down full time, but I like options you can fiddle with. Is it even really gear without things to adjust and mess with? Seems like ‘equipment’ to me.

I’m thinking about the Smith Platform Helmet because it has that ventilation control I want, looks comfy and is priced right. I have 4 days until I’m back up north and spending a total of $130 total to keep me seeing the slopes is totally worth it. Even if I am broke.

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