Down Periscope!


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Two Colombians, a Guatemalan and a Sri Lankan are in a homemade submarine traveling 6 feet under the ocean’s surface, breathing through plastic tubes and smuggling nearly 3 tons of cocaine…


Kent Gilbert / AP

OK, it’s not a joke, it actually happened. And it’s not the first time a home made submarine has been used to smuggle drugs and probably won’t be the last.

The plastic breathing tubes are what gave these smugglers away. I think it’s fair to ask why 4 smugglers, holed-up in a homemade sub more than 100 miles from shore, are breathing through plastic pipes? Could they not have provided a few tanks? I mean after all the trouble they went through to build a sub from wood and fiberglass and load it up with millions in gak?

Somewhere in here there’s a Kelsey Grammer Down Periscope reference but I don’t have the energy. Check out Innespace for some cool fishy like diving, jumping crafts and if you’re looking for a yacht-submarine US Submarines has some models that even the snobbiest of cocaine cowboys would enjoy. More on the gear/fitness thread in the next post… promise.

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  1. Larry – Thanks for the link up. Great post by the way. Funny. I will put you in my fav fitness links. Have a great day.

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