Dyna-flex Gyro Exerciser


Wednesday nights I climb at my friends rock gym in Lincoln, RI. Last night he showed me the Dyna-flex Gyro Exerciser. It looked like a toy – like a yoyo. He got it started with a pull string and with small circles of his wrist got it sounding like a small engine winding up. When he handed it to me I was suprised to feel how it pulled and after maybe 30 seconds how much I felt it in my forearms (I had just climed a few hours too). Sold – I’m a sucker for gadgets after all, especially fitness related – right?!

dyna-flex When I got home I quickly opened the package and got to work. Not sure if I got it up to 13,000 rpms, which can pull at an incredible 35 pounds of torque, but I couldn’t put the damn thing down! I passed it back and forth from hand to hand keeping it going until exhaustion. When handed it off to my wife it nearly leaped out of her hand.Consider the Dyna-flex Gyro as a stocking stuffer for anyone who is looking to relieve stress, the pain of arthritis, or to build strength for sports and even music.

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