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I can’t tell you how much the emails, phone calls and even the Western Union telegram I received – inquiring about when the next Bitness posting will occur- have meant to me. My loyal readers are obviously in need of a Bitness fix. Before I can satisfy your yen for all things geek and tech, let me bring you up-to-date on the following weeks (since my last real post).

shelvesI have been juggling a wife, 2 kids, work, 4 freelance jobs, a vacation, 2 house building (cedar closet in progress, shelves to the right) projects (cedar closet became a club – gear needs a new home), Spring clean-up, bum knee and video to DVD archiving project (Sony RDR-VX555 – get it).

Queue the violins…
About the vacation/cruise. We missed the ship in Miami due to the Nor-Easter on 16-April. We flew to Miami, stayed overnight and caught the boat in Nassau the following day. That alone was a general disappointment and pain in the ass, but when you factor in the cab dropping us at the wrong hotel (and walking to the ‘nearby’ hotel dragging luggage), being assigned an uncleaned room, having my wallet stolen from the front desk of the hotel, having to cancel all the credit cards and put fraud protection on my credit… well you get the picture. Searching through garbage pails until past midnight and again at 5am in the morning was somehow not the vacation I imagined.

Cruising was an interesting experience. I think I might be one of the few people who actually lost weight on the cruise! Watching some of those people eat made us feel full – absolute gluttony. We made the most of it however and the wife even agreed to go para-sailing (here’s another)!

Hopefully after things settle down I’ll have time to dedicate to Bitness. In the interim I have been scoping out new topics and as always welcome your suggestions. Please stay tuned…

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  1. Great photos…sorry you had problems on your vacation!

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