Lunocet Hydrofins – “Advancing Underwater Speed & Mobility”

Lunocet Fin

For the past seven years, the boffins at Lunocet have been working to develop the most efficient form of underwater human propulsion. The result of those efforts can be had for $1,800 in the form of a kind of mono-fin that introduces what I discern to be 2 unique features setting it apart…

  1. The first of these features are the footplates. Wearing bicycle shoes, the user clips into aluminum footplates or stretch resistant non-rubber foot pockets.
  2. Precisely positioned hydrofoils designed to increase in power on the up-stroke as compared to conventional mono-fins.

The Lunocet comes in 4 models, the Aphotic, Overt, Naked and Widder. The difference between these models is unknown. While pleasant to look at, the Lunocet Web site doesn’t provide many details. There are no doubt some skilled industrial designers and web designers at work at Lunocet, how well the fin works is unknown.

The 2.5lbs Lunocet fin can reportedly help you swim around 8MPH. or more than 3MPH faster than Michael Phelps! With $1,800 less in your pocket maybe 8.2MPH and you’re waiting for Mike on the pool deck with a freshly packed bowl and some Doritos.

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