Spring is in the Air

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With Spring around the corner and very little winter training under my Fuel Belt (I run some maintenance miles but I’m not a fan of the treadmill), it’s time to think about getting back into running shape.

As a long time Runner’s World reader, I’ve read numerous articles on training and performance that assume I know details about my pace (what my 5K race pace is, pace for a tempo run, easy run, etc). I run very few races a year and they vary from 5K to 10 miles. For a 5K I can turn-it-on and feel wiped-out, for a 10 miler I seem to always hold back (to ensure I can make the distance!) and finish regretting I didn’t go out harder.

In order to pace myself for each race I need to know how to train properly; when/how to run intervals, when to go easy or when to simply rest. McMillan Running offers a great calculator that lets the user enter a recent race time for popular running distances and calculate optimal training information.

Now when I read Runner’s World I can actually apply real numbers to the articles that refer to tempo runs, steady/long/easy/recovery pace and hopefully achieve real results!

Posted by: Lawrence

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