The Apocalypse is Coming

LZ Denise

People who know me well… maybe even not so well… know I’m somewhat of a full-blown germaphobe. It’s not mud or dirt that bothers me. I’ve always been ‘one’ with the animals. Forever the gentleman, I’ve never felt that girls had the cooties.

It’s people. Dirty, sneeze-and-shake, piss-and-run, ass-scratching, no-hands-washing people. Oh, it’s all the rage now to open a public restroom door with your foot, but I was all elbows and knees in the early 80s! I was ridiculed by my friends and family, all who now admit I was ahead of my time.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Ok Nostradamus then what next? What grim reality for mankind looms on the horizon?”

NostradamusSo I’m here to tell you, it’s super germs. With all the anti-bacterial soap and mutating germs, terrorism and germ warfare, simply stepping on towel in the hotel shower isn’t enough.

My advice is to live as stress free as possible, exercise daily, eat right and if all else fails… get off-the-grid land in some far-flung locale, learn about sustainable living, gear-up and keep the Cipro handy.

Mainstream media will be talking about super germs and pandemics more and more and people will get increasingly freaked out. The fact is, all we can do about it is live a healthy lifestyle, take some responsibility with personal hygiene and when it comes to public restrooms; Hover, don’t Cover (though if you must, set the table – twice).

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