The LIFESAVER Water Purifier

lifesaver bottle

Fire, shelter and water are essential in any terrestrial survival situation. When it comes to fire there is an art to getting one started with available resources (sticks, glass, flint, etc). Shelter is a little easier if you know where and how to create it. Potable water is perhaps the most elusive of the three, especially if you can’t get a fire started to boil water or have nothing to boil it in.

LIFESAVER bottleSurvival starts with preparation and the LIFESAVER bottle should be a part of any terrestrial survival kit (note: it will not turn sea water into drinkable water). Pump-up even the most suspect looking water and the LIFESAVER removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens, leaving ~750ml of drinking water very quickly.

The LIFESAVER uses a combination of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter and ultra filtration membranes. It does not use chemicals and thus avoids the bitter-beer-face iodine and chlorine can induce (if you use chemicals, pack these lifesavers in your survival kit :).

From the tip of the LIFESAVER’s chew-proof drinking teat all the way to it’s anti-slip base, it is a well engineered product (nice teat, nice base). They also introduced what they call FAILSAFE technology, which prevents the user from filtering water once it is not longer safer to do so with the existing cartridge (replaceable).

To purchase, visit the LIFESAVER online store. They are – in my opinion – expensive, but your life is worth it. Cost: ~$385 (up to 4,000 liters) ~$450 (up to 6,000 liters) + tax.

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