The Perfect Pushup puts a positive ‘spin’ on pushups

perfect pushup

Over my lifetime I’ve done perhaps hundreds-of-thousands of pushups, usually as a form of punishment for poor performance in karate and sports. I still hear my coaches screaming ‘drop and give me 30!‘ and it always puts me in a cold sweat. In the military if you screw-up you have to do pushups in a muddy puddle during a rain storm (it’s true, I saw it in a movie).

Considering that pushups are commonly used as a form of punishment, why would someone want to do pushups? Done properly they’re in an excellent form of exercise. Pushups work a variety of muscle groups (pectorals, triceps, deltoids and the midsection in general), build strength as well as stamina. Pushups also require little space, cost nothing and generally take little time to perform for maximum benefit.

The Perfect Pushup improves the effectiveness of traditional pushups while at the same time reduces strain on your wrists. With the Perfect Pushup, your arms naturally rotate 90° through the pushup, simultaneously engaging more muscles from your shoulders to your abs. This motion is far more comfortable than traditional pushups and more efficient. By changing positions (knees, traditional and feet on a chair), changing the width (distance between the perfect pushups from close to wide) and changing starting grip positions (thus changing rotation through the pushup) you can add variety to your workout.

When I tested the Perfect Pushup my max dropped in half compared to traditional pushups, but the workout itself felt more beneficial. I felt other muscles working that I don’t normally feel with traditional pushups. I also liked being slightly elevated in the front as it allowed me to bring my face closer to parallel with my face without kissing the ground.

For it’s small size, durable construction and low price, the Perfect Pushup is a must have for home gym owners. Also check out the portable version which is handy for travel. Now drop and give me 30 15!

Posted by: Lawrence

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  1. Lawrence, appreciate the shout out — adding variety to workouts and making pushups more efficient — you nailed it. Keep me posted on your progress!


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