Fitbit captures daily activity and sleep patterns to help track overall wellness

Using built in sensors, the Fitbit captures ‘three dimensional motion’ to provide insight as to the amount of activity and sleep you log each day. It compiles this data and based on your sex, height, weight and age calculates daily the amount of steps taken (reported to be 85-97% accurate), miles traveled, calories burned, calories consumed as well as activity levels (lightly, fairly and very active).


The Fitbit also captures sleep patterns such as when you went to bed, how long you rolled around awake, when you finally crashed and when you woke giving you total time in bed and total hours slept.

Walk within 15ft of the provided basestation and your data is automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website. The website compiles that data for reporting, or to participate in collaborative fitness goals with friends, family and co-workers.

Optimized for walking, running and general activity (don’t try to swim with it), the Fitbit provides a good indication of daily patterns and overall wellness. Priced at $99USD and shipping only in the US, the Fitbit might be the perfect holiday gift for the friend or family member resolved to get in shape for the coming year!

Posted by: Lawrence

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