The sub-title to is The Fit Geek. So I Googled it and yes, it would have been a good idea to do that PRIOR to choosing it but it seems so random no? Is anything original anymore? My primary goal with Bitness is to turn geeks on to gadgets for their given sport or exercise of choice.

Here are some sites for the fit geek and why Bitness is better 😉

Geek Fit – Do these guys look fit to you? Well maybe not but they are committed to what they do and Jason and his wife are on the fitness path. Best of luck to them. – Not sure this site has a following, but the pharmaceutical and ring tone spammers sure do like to comment. Like Geek Fit, FitGeek recently wrote about Traineo, a motivational site to help users stick to weight loss and fitness goals. This is done by grouping with 4 other Traineo users and driving one another to reach each others goals. Bitness is 100% ring tone and Viagra free.

Fit ‘Geeks of the Week’ at Oxford apparently eat Bic pens as part of their regimen. I’ve not tried this personally, but they seem to have a healthy glow and seem rather pleased with themselves. Here at Bitness HQ we don’t eat our Bic pens, we use them to open the Kryptonite locks on our bikes to get out and hammer.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our website. I’d like to add that my co-host Steven and his wife are also on a great fitness path. Please give our podcast a listen & we love hearing from our listeners so leave us some feedback or a review on itunes.
    Jason Tucker & Steven Klassen
    Hosts of Geek Fit – Fitness for the Body and Mind

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