Infinity Rad Noserider Longboard

After nearly 20 years of research I finally bought a new surfboard – a 9′ Infinity Rad NoseRider. While not exactly a gadget, there is plenty of technology at work here worth mentioning. For starters the Rad NoseRider (heretofore known as the RNR) can be configured as a single fin or [3 fin] cluster. With the cluster setup the two outside fins are larger than the center fin (typically 2 5.5″ side fins and ~3″ center fin). The cluster has more of a short board feel, allowing for hard bottom turns and riding the face in vertical lines.

Cluster Design

Cluster Design

The RNR is virtually two boards in one, with a fast trimming and stable front end and a back end that allows the rider* to get into a turns quickly and carve much like you would on a smaller board. The bottom of the RNR is about 2/3 concave and beveled under the rails resulting in suction when you need it. I never fancied myself a nose walking Moondoggie type surfer, but to be able to walk-up on the nose to lengthen the ride and know the board isn’t going to come over top and skull you is nice.

Balance point

Balance point

I bought and rode the RNR on Sunday while a band played on the beach providing my friend John and I music to surf to. This weekend we have a tropical depression expected to cause swells as high as 8′ on Saturday. That’s more than enough music to my ears.

* Not this cat – not yet.


  1. Congrats on the new board. I also just recently bought a 9’0″ rad noserider and love it.

    I was wondering how much your board weighs (if you have a way to find out). I had a new paint job done on the bottom with a couple of coats of clear and was just wondering how much weight was added to the board.

    Have you used the board with a single fin yet? I have been really impressed by the cluster set-up so far.

  2. I weighed myself with and without the board and it weighs 21 lbs with the 9′ leash on. I’ve not used it with the single fin yet, but a friend rides a 9’3″ Infinity with a single fin a lot (never seen him ride it with 3). You were wise to add some coats of clear because my friend with the 9′ 3″ has tons of cracking (granted he is very good and surfs very often) and just the other week he remarked how he thinks board makers these days don’t use enough.

    I’ve not rode with it in a true cluster set up yet. The center fin is 7″ and the outer fins 5″ – I will probably get a new, smaller center fin for the holidays and test it out this winter. I’m in the North East – where are you located? We’re getting some great swells coming through and often times peaking on the weekend which has been great!

    I’m just under 6′ tall and discovered the best place to be on the board is with my feet just hanging off the end. Any further forward in certain conditions and I start to pearl faster than I can throw the board out in front of me. Enjoy the board!

  3. Thanks so much. Mine weighs 22lbs with a deckpad, so I guess the extra clear was still under a pound. Its definitely a touch heavier than my Walden but it helps smooth out the chop I usually encounter here on Lake Michigan near Chicago 🙂 The surf is just starting to come in for the season, nothing like a north eastern swell, but Ill take it until I can move back towards the coasts. I just bought a single fin to try out on a few times to compare to the cluster set-up, so we’ll see. Best and enjoy those ocean waves.

  4. You enjoy as well and let me know how you like the single fin set-up!

  5. I ride this board in Waikiki and North Shore all year round. My favorite side fin setup calls for using Vector’s 3/2, 467. This fin has a channel formed into the fin and it helps me ride the nose with more control. I also weigh 230lbs so that’s saying something! This board also needs a 6.5+ center fin to have the “drive” you need for a hard accelerated bottom turn. Note: I found a large center fin to be inferior to the setup mentioned above, and I thought the Turbo Fin did not work at all on this board. Aloha.

  6. Mahalo Mark! This is a timely post because I was just about to switch my fin set-up and improving the bottom turn is the impetus for that. I’ll take this info with me to the surf shop this week!

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