So, Like Bitness was Hacked


Bitness went on hiatus this Summer, but only we sort of didn’t intend it to last the entire Summer. Bitness was hacked by some crackers who had nothing better to do than waste our time and piss us off. After tediously extracting all the evil scripts that littered the majority of posts, deleting rouge directories created on our server, changing all passwords (the new universal password is f!tgeek3) we’re back.

For those of you who haven’t completely given up on the Fit Geek, the Summer was a relaxing time filled with sunshine and gadgetry. In the coming days we’ll be writing about a new swim training device, a new surfboard purchased by one of the fit geeks, as well as some golf clubs – yes there is technology at work in surfing and golf worth exploring.

Bitness is back in business, thanks for tuning in…

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