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I like to run with an iPod so I don’t have to hear the labored breathing of a man killing himself. I prepare song lists for different distances that are based on song type and length. The song lists appear as ‘Running Man 6’ for a six miler, ‘Running Man 8,’ etc and always start mellow with a good beat. I use comedy clips for mundane parts of the run and hardcore or metal for hills and to finish the run. Setting up these song lists requires a lot of thought and examination of previous runs I store on MotionBased.

Like any good technology should, I can perhaps stop thinking so hard. A new product from Yamaha called BODiBEAT will be available this Fall that synchronizes the music I enjoy to my workout. Both an MP3 Player and a heart rate monitor, BODiBEAT changes songs on the fly to match your workout.

BODiBEATThe BODiBEAT has four modes; Free, Fitness, Training and Music…

  • Free Mode – You control the music: Music playback stays in sync with your movement
  • Fitness Mode – The music controls you: Match your pace to the tempo of the music playing
  • Training Mode – Create custom programs: Similar to my current method (explained above)
  • Music playback – Simply use the BODiBEAT as a music player

For my taste, the look of the BODiBEAT leaves something to be desired. Perhaps I’m just spoiled by the incredible industrial design by Apple, but the BODiBEAT looks like a small brick. Also, instead of a chest strap, the BODiBEAT pulse sensor clips on your ear. On the Web site, the ‘music’ they play in the demo reels would cause me to keep running – right into a mental institution. I’m not sure they can determine the beat of your own music, so Free and Fitness modes might not actually be your music at all. I guess we’ll have to wait until the Fall to find out, unless Yamaha decides to drop something in the mail in advance…

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