Attention PETA: Doggie Treadmills

Dog Treadmill
Feets don't fail me now

For the past week or so I’ve been hosting back-to-back canine cabin crashers. First I watched my parent’s Wheaten Terrier and now I have my sister-in-law’s black lab (side note – the gassiest dog in the universe). Being a dog lover and not having a dog since my yellow lab Magic passed on St. Pats a few years back, I missed the walks. Even with the extremely cold weather (and now heavy snows), it’s great to have a companion to go outside with, hike and get some exercise.

After a dark walk in the woods this evening I started thinking some people may not fancy what I find as a fun and relaxing thing. I don’t mind the weather and I would always rather be outside than in when it comes to exercise. My dislike for treadmills has been well documented, but I know some demented people are twisted or lazy enough to think this a good idea for dogs as well (especially in 1° F temps which feels like -20° F).

Feets don't fail me now
My hunt lead me to one very disturbing company in Japan. Just what exactly happens when this dog loses it’s footing or simply can’t go on? I imagine Mr. Yakumora coming home to a little rump roast attached to a leash and thinking the small treadmill a curious place for his wife to leave supper.

Then there is the Pawwws Pet Treadmill who, on their product information page, answer a series of questions with some disturbing logic, such as…

Q: Is this product difficult to use?
A. Absolutely not! In fact, many of our customers say it actually saves them time by not having to take their pet out of doors, braving inclement weather, and allowing them to focus on more of their day-to-day activities.

Why would someone have a dog if they didn’t have time for it? Dogs need time to be outside, smell stuff, pee on stuff, roll around on stuff – it’s called being a dog. Can’t people put on a coat and put their “day-to-day activities” on hold for 30 minutes? Who wants to diaper a dog and shut themselves in for only the most agreeable conditions?

Price: Your dignity, your dogs dignity, self respect and dirty diapers.

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