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ATC2K on helmet

When I was younger my oldest brother Paul made a series of movies with my father’s 8mm (film). He remade Airport 1975, complete with the crash scene (planes with straws glued on them and strung-up in the garage). I was cast in the role of Sam, the Jerry Stiller character who sleeps through all the action. Dressed in my suit I leaned-up against the rakes while the other kids ‘acted.’

Probably one of the funniest things Paul ever shot was a video from our dog Reggie’s perspective, running through the house with the camera at knee level. Something about that movie cracked me up and I watched it over and over. I like first person (or dog) point of view film making, which is why I want the ATC2K Waterproof Action Camera from Oregon Scientific.

ATC2K on bikeAttach it to the handlebars of your bike or strap it to your helmet and capture digital video in 640 X 480 VGA (standard NTSC) at 30 frames per second to an internal SDA card. The ATC2K comes with accessories that allow you to strap it to other gear as well, a windsurfer perhaps, it is waterproof up to 10 feet! The ATC2K is also shock resistant, takes only 2 AA batteries to run (lithium batteries recommended for cold environments) and measures 4.25L x 1.75D x 2.25H (in).

ATC2K on helmetAlthough currently out of stock, the ATC2K can soothe your inner Spielberg for only USD $129.99. You can request to be notified when they become available, but for now start planning and storyboard your next glade run, wipe-out, downhill attack, Eskimo roll, rappel or simply strap it to the dog for a good laugh.

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  1. Hi cyclists,

    What does this camera weigh and how long do the batteries last? Can I change cards on a long ride in the middle of a peleton?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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