Craziest Fitness Gadgets of All Time

Dog Treadmill
Feets don't fail me now

First Page Fitness compiled a list of the craziest fitness gadgets of all time. But as past posts prove on Bitness, there are still crazier gadgets out there. Here is a recap of 7 crazy gadgets covered by Bitness in the last 10+ months (from oldest to newest)…

1. Hypoxi L250 – ‘Lounge Riding that Sucks
A recumbent stationary bike in a vacuum chamber.

2. Mechanical Core Muscle Trainer – ‘Giddyup All You Geriatric Cowpokes!
A mechanical bull-like stool running in slow motion.

3. Scott eVest – ‘Who Left the Web site on?
A jacket with a whole bunch of pockets with a whole bunch of holes.

4. Genetic Supplements – ‘Bitness Labs Experiment 18382b.2 Genetic Supplements
Supplements targeted to individuals based on race. What happens when a Caucasian takes a supplement intended for Hispanics? Anarchy ensues…

5. The Rowbike – ‘Row, Row, Row Your… Bike?
A bicycle you row. Where have you been? Even Kevin Costner uses one.

6. ROM CrossTrainer – ‘The CrossTrainer Four Minute Workout
I don’t doubt the benefits, but a 4 minute workout? $14, 615? Sounds like your wallet is getting the workout.

7. The Dog Powered Scooter – ‘Keep Them Doggies Rolling
Not so much a fitness exercise for you, but Fido is gonna get ripped for your beer runs.

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