techniques, knives, wild edible plants, tracking, shelter, fire, etc.

Bear Grylls Knife Costs $700

Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls is no doubt a surviver. Consumption of live snakes, sheep’s eyeballs, decomposing Zebra, still-warm Yak livers and worse, but a man’s gotta eat! He [...]

The LIFESAVER Water Purifier

Fire, shelter and water are essential in any terrestrial survival situation. When it comes to fire there is an art to getting one started with available resources (sticks, glass, flint, etc). Shelter [...]

SOG Seal Pup

When shopping for a survival knife there are several qualities to consider. Remember you’re not looking for a knife to open letters, peel an apple or, as some of the cretins I work with do, [...]

Survival Chic

For most of my 39 years I’ve had an interest in survival techniques. Some of these were as basic as avoiding a beating from one of my two sadistic older brothers, let’s call this family [...]