Alaia Surfboard Project- Post 8 (Finis)


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I’ve finished oiling the Alaia and all that’s left to do now is ride the thing. I had a lot of fun building the Alaia and meeting others out there doing the same all over the world. In the end I’m very pleased with how it turned out and I’m really anxious to go and ride it.

I applied linseed oil a total of 4 times, with a full day between applications. I was pretty generous with the linseed oil, letting it soak in for 10 minutes before wiping away the excess with clean shop rags (I used these same rags to apply the next coat). I did light sanding between coats, after the second coat I noticed it was gummy in parts where I didn’t get rid of all the excess. Sanding those gummy areas didn’t help, so I went with a Scotchbrite pad I normally use tuning snowboards and it cleaned it right up.

This is the end of this series and I open it up to any questions or comments. I’ll post an update/pictures when I get it in the water (hopefully in about 4-6 weeks). There are a few of us eager to give it a go and it should make for an entertaining session!

Posted by: Lawrence


  1. For those interested in old school methods, I found this cool link:

  2. Great site. I’m stoked to see your step by step on this subject. I just downloaded a pic of the final 7’8 I just built on my blog. I’ll add more of the contour shots later.


  3. your site is really helpful, thanks for all the info!
    2 questions:
    how wide did you go with the concave? I’ve read 6″, 8″, etc.
    also, did you find raw linseed oil, or go with the boiled?
    Just getting my alaia started here in California.

  4. Thanks Francis! I went with boiled linseed oil, 4 coats and sanding between those coats. The concave on my Alaia is about 9″ wide, very gradually coming to the lowest point in dead center.

    Where did you get the wood/blank? Good luck and let us know how it works out!

  5. I got my blank from Jon Wegener also. So far the shaping is going well, but I’m taking it pretty slow.
    How much oil did you have to use on the board? looks like i”ll have to order online and I don’t know if I need a pint, a quart, or what.
    thanks, and make sure to update us when you get your first session in.

  6. HI Francis,

    The first 4 coats I put on left me with plenty extra. You will want to apply after so many sessions, so having more than you need initially isn’t a bad thing. I waited at least a full 24 hours between coats and did a total of 4. If I had to guess I’d say I used about 1/4 cup for the first application and slightly less for the remaining three (mush of that absorbed by the rag I’m sure, which I reused for each application).

  7. Howzit Lawrence,
    Hows the board ride? Quick question. Can a heavy guy like myself ride one of these boards? Im about 190lbs(not sure in Kilos). Mahalo

  8. You may want to go longer than 7′, but yes you can ride one! The waves here in New England have not been ideal for riding the Alaia, some good long board days for sure though. When I have a chance to get some pics riding the Alaia I’ll get them up. Thanks for the comment, Lawrence.

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