Tangle-free Surfing

Here in the Northeast we were just blessed with great surf for the past 4-5 days. I was fortunate enough to make it out for 3 of these days and loved every minute of it… almost. One of the most [...]

Alaia First Field Test

I took the Alaia out today for the first time. I had been surfing my longboard in about shoulder-high surf for over an hour and was anxious to run back to the car to get it. When I finally popped in [...]

Alaia Surfboard Project – Post 6

Paulownia dust tastes like shit. I was smart enough to wear a respirator, but in between sips of beer it was bound to be tasted and digested. I consider it part of the "Alaia chi" - I am now one with this board [...]

Alaia Surfboard Project – Post 1

In an attempt to experience a spiritual awakening like an ancient Hawaii commoner, I decided to try and build and surf a wooden Alaia surfboard (OK, well at least build one). Traditionally a 10-12 foot fin-less board that in ancient times were made from Ula and Koa trees, my Alaia will be about 7 feet [...]

This Thing About Surfing

We had a beautiful weekend here in New England. On Saturday a friend and I headed to the beach with our families with no expectation other than to paddle and keep fit for an anticipated swell later [...]