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steep and cheap

In the past week I’ve had 4 people tell me how grateful they were that I turned them on to Steep and Cheap sells gear (I’d describe it as general outdoorsy gear) one item at a time until it’s either sold out or times-out, at which point it’s on to the next item.

Steep and Cheap mostly sells-out because the deals are good – usually in the 60% off or more range. Act fast if you see something you like! With back-to-back deals all day long it can get addicting and there’s a number of ways to stay tuned-in to deals that are poppin’ (RSS, sidebar gadgets, plug-ins, email, IM and soon an iPhone app).

I’ve been a Steep and Cheap customer since they started and have seen the concept grow wildly. Sister sites now include…

  • Chain Love for biking gear, including BMX and Mountain biking
  • Bonktown is more for the road cycling enthusiast
  • Tramdock for you two-plankers and especially good deals off-season
  • Brociety caters to snowboarders mostly, again… good off season loot to be had
  • Whiskey Militia is so aggro you probably already know they sell skate and surfing gear. Get some.

Check them out let me know what you think. I’ve only had great experiences with them, even returning gear I decided I didn’t need – they make it easy.

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