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Best Deals in Intertown

In the past week I’ve had 4 people tell me how grateful they were that I turned them on to Steep and Cheap sells gear (I’d describe it as general outdoorsy gear) one [...]

Alaia Surfboard Project – Post 6

Paulownia dust tastes like shit. I was smart enough to wear a respirator, but in between sips of beer it was bound to be tasted and digested. I consider it part of the "Alaia chi" - I am now one with this board [...]

About Bitness

Bitness is a group of core sports enthusiasts with a passion for snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, paddling, climbing, biking and other pursuits. Professionally we are nationally recognized [...]

O’Neill Mutant Wetsuit

Surfing in the Northeast really picks-up in the Fall, with better wind direction for most breaks and storms that kick-up the swell to head / overhead conditions. To enjoy the quality surf, you have [...]

Year-end Review

Bitness has spent the last year covering (mostly) fitness related gadgets. Watches, gym equipment, MP3 players and cameras as well as gear focused on core sports like snowboarding, surfing, climbing [...]

Summer Flashback: Mount Hood

One Summer many years ago, my best bud Jason and I went to Mt Hood to snowboard ‘camp.’ We stayed at Rebel Lodge, which on paper sounded as good as the continental breakfast, dry-land [...]

How You Hanging?

I have a friend who fancies himself a big air specialist on a wakeboard and snowboard. Truth be told he’s barely off the ground, but my friends and I humor him. The AirPod from Johnson Outdoors [...]