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Best Deals in Intertown

In the past week I’ve had 4 people tell me how grateful they were that I turned them on to Steep and Cheap sells gear (I’d describe it as general outdoorsy gear) one [...]

RIP Dan Osman

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Dan Osman passed away while rope jumping in Yosemite at the Leaning Tower rock formation. I recall reading the rope he used was left out in [...]

This Thing About Surfing

We had a beautiful weekend here in New England. On Saturday a friend and I headed to the beach with our families with no expectation other than to paddle and keep fit for an anticipated swell later [...]

Bear Grylls Knife Costs $700

Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls is no doubt a surviver. Consumption of live snakes, sheep’s eyeballs, decomposing Zebra, still-warm Yak livers and worse, but a man’s gotta eat! He [...]

Vline Climbing Site Goes Live

Back in November I told readers about the new climbing soft goods company VLINE Climbing, which was started by an old climbing buddy of mine Brandon Gonsalves. Most climbers I know are frustrated by [...]

Amazon Affiliate Program

A few of us at Bitness HQ have been told that someone learned of a product on Bitness and bought it as a result of our recommendation. So here we are in phase 3 of operation money grab (or [...]