Running pure and simple.

Be a Hero

I’ve always liked capturing footage of me and my friends skating, boarding, jumping, etc. A couple of early jackasses ourselves, Jay and I have footage from the mid-1980s of falling to frozen [...]

King of the Beat

I like to run with an iPod so I don’t have to hear the labored breathing of a man killing himself. I prepare song lists for different distances that are based on song type and length. The song [...]

Cool Shades

Of all the gadgets I own, the most basic of equipment eludes me – a good pair of workout sunglasses. I own several pairs of sunglasses, in fact 3 pairs in the same style with different lenses. [...]

Limping into the Sunset…

I don’t like to talk about it, but the Fit Geek went down with a knee injury. I haven’t had an official diagnosis, but Dr. Internet and friends lead me to believe I have bursitis or [...]

Light – Action – Camera!

When I was younger my oldest brother Paul made a series of movies with my father’s 8mm (film). He remade Airport 1975, complete with the crash scene (planes with straws glued on them and [...]