Snow, Skate, Surf, Alaia Wake, etc

Amazon Affiliate Program

A few of us at Bitness HQ have been told that someone learned of a product on Bitness and bought it as a result of our recommendation. So here we are in phase 3 of operation money grab (or [...]

Be a Hero

I’ve always liked capturing footage of me and my friends skating, boarding, jumping, etc. A couple of early jackasses ourselves, Jay and I have footage from the mid-1980s of falling to frozen [...]

Summer Flashback: Mount Hood

One Summer many years ago, my best bud Jason and I went to Mt Hood to snowboard ‘camp.’ We stayed at Rebel Lodge, which on paper sounded as good as the continental breakfast, dry-land [...]

Softrucks: Skate to Live

Softrucks are so simple yet so clever that I kick myself for not thinking of them myself. Molded from TPU urethane (the same material used to make wheels), Softrucks are similar to the shape of a [...]

Light – Action – Camera!

When I was younger my oldest brother Paul made a series of movies with my father’s 8mm (film). He remade Airport 1975, complete with the crash scene (planes with straws glued on them and [...]

How You Hanging?

I have a friend who fancies himself a big air specialist on a wakeboard and snowboard. Truth be told he’s barely off the ground, but my friends and I humor him. The AirPod from Johnson Outdoors [...]

Drop $10 to Hang Ten

New England, there’s something not right about running alone in 20° weather in the pitch black to get a workout. On the West coast they can ride 10 foot barrels WHILE drinking cocktails served [...]