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This Thing About Surfing

We had a beautiful weekend here in New England. On Saturday a friend and I headed to the beach with our families with no expectation other than to paddle and keep fit for an anticipated swell later [...]

Wha? Where’d April Go?

Yeah, we missed the whole damn month. But to be fair it was only 30 days long so… We appreciate the patience (and encouragement), so stay tuned! Posted by: The [...]

Amazon Affiliate Program

A few of us at Bitness HQ have been told that someone learned of a product on Bitness and bought it as a result of our recommendation. So here we are in phase 3 of operation money grab (or [...]

Year-end Review

Bitness has spent the last year covering (mostly) fitness related gadgets. Watches, gym equipment, MP3 players and cameras as well as gear focused on core sports like snowboarding, surfing, climbing [...]

Survival Chic

For most of my 39 years I’ve had an interest in survival techniques. Some of these were as basic as avoiding a beating from one of my two sadistic older brothers, let’s call this family [...]